Wood Design Collection by Reed LaPlant

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Oregon-based designer Reed LaPlant is a master craftsman of the old school variety. Employing locally-sourced and reclaimed materials, LaPlant creates beautiful, timeless wooden furniture—the kind that withstands both domestic and natural upheavals, and is thus passed down across the generations.


Customized Tables, Credenzas, and Benches by Reed LaPlant
The designer describes his style as “aesthetically clean, but warm—un-fussy.” I’d say that’s a perfect characterization of the heirloom quality pieces that constitute LaPlant’s Wood Design Collection. The Aartif Nightstands, for instance, are a pair of complementary bedside stands for newlyweds featuring a “meet-in-the-middle” drawer pull that lets both pieces come together to form a seamless credenza or bed bench.


Indeed, the synthesis between a classic, almost antique feel and clean, contemporary lines is evidenced in much of LaPlant’s work. There’s also the Boocheever Bench, a symphony of flawless joinery that artfully brings together the vertical and horizontal elements.


Lastly, the Owen Table is more of a sojourn into strict modernism. In joining three simple squares as legs and tabletop, the piece celebrates minimalist geometry—“combining strength and pureness with a calm visual levity.”

Source : Wood Design

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