Wedge Table by Andreas Kowalewski

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Andreas Kowalewski is a talented product designer with incomparable experience working with Whirlpool, Audi Design and Philips Design. Kowalewski’s studio designs harmonious furniture, lighting and accessories that aspire to improve one’s life (both practically and aesthetically). At the same time, his designs are made with the latest technologies and innovative materials, making his pieces unique and modern.

Inspired by furniture that is easy to assemble and break down, the Wedge Table is one of Kowalewski’s latest furniture pieces that is simple, space saving and involves little hand labor involved. The tables’ interlocking pieces give it its visual character while also giving it a strong, solid quality without looking bulky. What really makes the Wedge Table special is that, once disassembled, it can be stacked, packed and stored in a small carton box.

Source : Andreas Kowalewski

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