Vintage ‘Rio’ Chaise Longue by Oscar Niemeyer

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I like to think of Oscar Niemeyer’s iconic Rio Chaise Longue (note the original French spelling, which translates as “Long Chair”) as the nexus of classic Modern Corbusier and Brazilian sensuality. Designed in collaboration with daughter Anna Maria in 1978, the piece evokes the curvaceous geography of the country while simultaneously suggesting the very same curvaceous geography of many of said country’s inhabitants.

The Rio Chaise Synthesizes Classic Materials, Artisanal Craft, and Visionary Form
The Rio Chaise features laminated wood—artfully curved, carefully compressed, and languorously lacquered in a deep black finish. The venerated craft of timeless Brazilian artisan wicker work balances out the curves with some alluring geometry all its own.

Source : Espasso

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