Un Stool by Studio PARCHITECTS

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Part of a larger vision to create flexible furniture for small spaces, Un Stool by Studio PARCHITECTS combines two green materials, eco-plastic and sustainable plywood. Constructed of 100% post-consumer & pre-consumer recycled plastic waste such as milk jugs, detergent bottles, plastic bags and flowerpots, Un Stool also includes an inset piece made from sustainable plywood. The two units contrast with each other beautifully—the colored plastic against the natural plywood creates a strong interplay of materials.


Adaptable Stool Uses Eco-Plastic & Sustainable Plywood
Un Stool can be used as a stool, table, bench, or storage unit to hold “magazines, books, papers, vases, etc.” The idea is to offer furniture for today’s lifestyle, where spaces can be transformed by the use of multifunctional pieces “
with strong accent on folders—free spaces, intended to be used in small rooms and limited spaces.” Use Un Stool in transitional areas such as hallways and staircases, as well as in living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, and terraces.



Source : Studio PARCHITECTS

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