The OOf Box

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Smart phone and tablet innovation has had a huge impact on the way that we work and interact with others within the office environment. One design brand who is responding to these changes is OOf, a company set up in early 2012 by Royal College of Art graduate George Liarikos.

The OOf Box is an acoustically treated, portable space that offers a degree of privacy to staff when using smartphone, tablets, and laptops while also keeping them accessible to their colleagues.

An acronym for Out of Office, OOf’s box is designed for standing so that the user can be more alert when taking a phone call or using a tablet or smartphone. Functioning like a private breakout area, the OOf box features a fold up seat, a pull-out laptop tray, storage and coat hooks and a power supply and device charger. The OOf Box has a small footprint, which means that it can be placed in open plan offices as well as in common areas of buildings, such as receptions and lobbies.

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