The Minimalist Bench by Dario Antonioni for Botanist

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Here’s a new product to get all you Mid-Century Modern fans chomping at the bit—the Minimalist Bench by Botanist. The piece is exactly that: no bells, no whistles, no excessive adornments or superfluous materials—just the clean sheen of bentwood walnut.


The Minimalist Bench Pays Homage to the Masters
Designed by Dario Antonioni, the Minimalist Bench definitely evokes the classics of years past. Looking at its smooth, simple silhouette, I’m reminded of the best work by iconic designers. The Eames’ LCW, Hans Wegner’s Shell Chair, and Grete Jalk’s GJ Chair come to mind.


Given this profusion of the sitting variety, how nice to see the same stylish minimalism applied to the under-rated bench, in select and sustainably-sourced Walnut or Rift Oak.


In addition to superlative styling and flawless design, the Minimalist Bench features 25 mm layered bentwood and a satin clear coat UV-resistant finish: “Reducing a bench into its most critical elements, the Minimalist Bench is a welcomed addition to any modern home or office.”

Source : Botanist

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