Step, Structure, and Jonathan 30 by Sandler Seating

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Step, Structure, and Jonathan 30 by Sandler Seating are currently showing at the HD Expo 2013 in Las Vegas. This trio of chairs offers a trio of benefits: functionality, comfort, and style.


Sleek Chairs with Legs in Chrome or Wood
Step features a solid colored urethane foam shell constructed using an innovative process called Freeform. This clean, simple chair is available with matte or polished chrome legs or with solid wood legs in oak or black walnut. The shell comes in 11 colors.




Structure offers an embossed design on the back and a sleek interior. Both textures work well on the sinuous chair, which envelopes the user and recalls the graceful curves of a seashell. Constructed of low density integral polyurethane foam, reinforced with an integral steel frame, Structure is available in 11 colors with legs in solid oak, black walnut, or matte or polished chrome.



Jonathan 30 is the last member of the Sandler triumvirate. A new version of the Jonathan model designed by Paolo Nava 30 years ago, Jonathan 30 is all about the oval. This shape dominates both the seat and back, giving the chair a sculptural feel. Jonathan is available in solid color urethane foam joined with a die-cast aluminum joint or in natural woven cane with a frame in solid oak or walnut.

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