Stem storage by Herman Miller Europe

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At 100% Design in London last month, Stem is a revolutionary storage unit by masters of modern design, Herman Miller. This new wonder product can be used to divide, connect, store and save.

Stem places storage at the heart of the office environment, making space work harder.

Developed in the UK by Herman Miller’s International Research and Development team, Stem has been designed to respond to the needs of the modern worker. By making use of every last inch of space, the Stem storage solution is a multifunctional, modular system that can be completely integrated.

Stem can also function as a space divider, defining working spaces and public zones. When placed at the very center of workplace design, Stem is the product from which everything grows. Stem’s building blocks allow the user to build a tailored design specific to their needs. The system consists of steel units, in dimensions that are clever multiples of the base, this means that every unit can be connected, configured and reconfigured.

Stem is available in almost limitless colors, materials and finishes. Unit tops can be finished in wood or glass. Back panels can be dressed in steel, wood, pinnable board, woven blankets or wipe boards. Doors can be mono, slider or tipper and made of acrylic, wood, steel or glass.

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