Scout Regalia SR Ranger Stool

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When I first heard that Scout Regalia’s SR Ranger Station Stool was originally designed for the “New Belgium Ranger Station,” I had visions of severe European forest service personnel, dutiful perched on a no-nonsense stool in perpetual vigilance against fires, rock slides, avalanches, and assorted beasties.


The SR Ranger Station Stool is Convenient, Versatile, and Comfortable
Alas—or perhaps I should say fortunately—the New Belgium Ranger Station is a restaurant and watering hole at Colorado’s Snowmass resort, offering “Colorado craft beers and seasonal varietals in a casual, apres-ski environment.”


Even so, the Ranger Station Stool is sturdy and pragmatic enough to function as a crucial tool in the protection of the world’s forest lands. However, it’s also quite suited to comfortable, casual dining and beer drinking. Constructed of white oak and powder-coated steel, SR Ranger has a clean aesthetic and modern vibe sure to suit denizens of Colorado’s steep and deep.


With three heights (18”, 24”, and 30”) and two colors (cream and forest green), Ranger appeals to a wide range of bodily proportion and aesthetic proclivity. Its under-seat storage contributes versatility, making it adaptable to different uses. The small version performs well as a “step stool, side table, or desk seating… while the 24” stool works great at residential countertops and bars and the 30” Stool is made to order for commercial countertops and bars.” Custom colors are available for commercial clients.

Source : Scout Regalia

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