Regard, Smart Seating by Steelcase

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Intelligent in many ways, new Regard seating creates individual and group learning spaces, integrates power, provides convenient work surfaces, and allows for reconfiguration. The modular lounge system by Steelcase is designed for today’s more informal learning areas, such as libraries and student lounges.


Extra Wide Education Seating Supports Multiple Postures
Think about it: Regard offers excellent support for active students. Extra wide seating means students can move around, changing positions as needed over multiple hours. And integrated power means students won’t trip over cords. Wide armrests provide work surfaces for everything from laptops to textbooks, and integrated trays support food and beverages (including coffee for those all-nighters)!


Whether working alone or in groups, Regard suits students. Privacy screens help students who need their own quiet spaces, and open configurations aid those who choose to collaborate. Regard has even thought of its own longevity: stain-resistant material withstands heavy use, and Regard’s modular design means it can morph “over time to support changing needs of the space.”



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