Pelleossa Chair by Francesco Faccin for Miniforms

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Milanese industrial designer Francesco Faccin has recently realised this light, leather-and-wood chair for the Italian furniture brand Miniforms. Called ‘Pelleossa’ – Italian for ‘skin and bones’, the chair has been designed to resemble polished bones: ‘I really like bones because they are the result of a natural reduction process … and then they are a metaphor for the essential of a structure, are fairly minimal’ comments the designer.

‘The “Pelleossa” chair is designed by Francesco Faccin and produced by Miniforms from 2012. It is both a industrial and hand-crafted product. Hand-crafted because it is made with traditional materials and because it is definitely inspired by some great classics of Italian design of pre- industrial era (the Chiavarina chair is an example for all). But it is designed with the logic of mass production, to be produced in series and to lower production costs at their minimum.

‘The chair is in fact made with a single technology, conventional turning and “copy” turning that, indeed, copy a matrix usually made in aluminum (we used this in particular for the back and hind legs).The chair is turned with the repetition of only two diameters (30mm max and 15mm min). This optimizes the material to achieve it because you start with a constant diameter round poles that can easily be produced with standard machines. It ‘s very light.’

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