Ole Wanscher’s Colonial Chair by Carl Hansen & Son

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Carl Hansen & Son aquired the exclusive rights to manufacture Carl Wanscher’s furniture from the Danish company P.J. Furniture, which will be gradually integrated into the Carl Hansen & Son Group. The Colonial Chair was originally designed by Ole Wanscher in 1949, but it wasn’t until the mid-50s that PJ Furniture started producing the chair.

Wanscher and PJ’s collaboration started via Gunnar Bratvold, Editor of Mobilia, the most influential furniture and design magazine at the time. He was bored of what he saw in his magazine and called many of the Danish architects up and asked if they had any new designs.

He then matched them with appropriate manufacturers, which was how the chair was born. The name Colonial relates to Wanscher’s fascination with 1700 English furniture design. The chair has been in production since that time, but available mainly in Europe or in US through auction houses and antiques dealers. This is the first time the chair will be widely available in the US.

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