Magique Side Table by Studio Klass for Liv’It by Fiam

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What’s so “Magique” about the new transparent glass side table by Studio Klass for Liv’it by Fiam? For starters, it turns the concept of a traditional side table on its head. Or, better said, on its side, as “Magique offers three different shelves, accessible from each of its four sides, while it creates a pretty combination of nuances as the objects it contains shine through.”

Welded Glass in Varied Shades Gives the Magique Side Table a Distinctive Aesthetic
In fact, the piece is a tour de force that plays on the relation between volume and external form. The welded glass structure gives the piece a sculptural quality, as the varied and various surfaces emerge within and without—one layer/surface inaccessible (but visible) from one side, requiring but a simple 90 degree turn for the user to access the objects ensconced therein.

Multiple finish options enhance Magique’s allure: transparent glass and cube, extralight with opal white glass cube, extralight with smoked grey glass cube, and smoked grey glass structure with black95 glass cube.

Source : Studio Klass

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