Little Perillo by Martin Ballendat for Dauphin Home

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Designer Martin Ballendat and Dauphin Home have followed up their award-winning Perillo Lounge Chair Collection with a smaller, svelter, and, by some accounts, more charming incarnation: Little Perillo, “similarly sculptural, but more compact, achieving the same inimitable organic and emotional lines.”


Little Perillo is a Versatile, Whimsical Addition to the Perillo Line
Little Perillo is indeed evocative. Ballendat’s innovative design seems to have been modeled on the asynchronous flutterings of a thick ribbon in the wind, or the sexy, streamlined silhouette of a pair of curvy hips. Seat and back are one continuous piece, created from a swooping swath of flexible plastic.


The design makes Little Perillo both seamless and exuberant—perfectly contained yet unabashed in its sensuality. Further, the single-piece construction deeds durability and versatility—making it right at home in a wide range of venues, including residential, office, hospitality, and virtually any outdoor space.

Options for Little Perillo include legs in powder-coated aluminum or wood. Various colors are available for the seat and back. Dauphin Home also offers a version in beech wood—as comely and curvaceous as the bentwood work of Hans Wegner or the Eames.

Source : Dauphin Human Design Group (DHDG)

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