Intermix by First Office

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Changing up the norm, interrupting an idea or interjecting a thought almost always sparks new ideas. With collaboration – as the new approach to designing interiors – comes the need for diverse components to help support these energizing spaces. Who better to think up a collection for exactly this but First Office with its Intermix collection. Intermix is a mix of elements that suits all types of collaborative applications and personal work styles.

Mix and Mingle Mix
It’s not only meant to support collaboration and the ‘intermixing of ideas and people’ but it is a mix of scalable freestanding and wall-mount solutions that are universal in design appeal. Simple, clean and meant to complement its counterparts or featured selections that share the space. Intermix left its ego at the door. It confidently offers components that don’t have to be (but can) front and center with a signature aesthetic, but rather likes to be with many others, Intermix-ed throughout a space or arranged to create productive work areas. The Intermix conference table offers sizes, configurations and technology integration for almost any type of meeting space.

First Office’s development of this collection was clearly well thought out. I especially love the Intermix Huddle Table, created especially for those informal first-come, first-serve spaces that dot today’s offices landscapes. Even better, storage space turns into active space by using the top of Intermix storage as a work surface and lower storage as a workbench. Add in Intermix’s mobile marker boards to promote collaboration or divvy up the space. Media walls not only adapt to the latest trends in communication but also are mobile, allowing for flexibility, as spaces tend to change often in today’s world.

Source : First Office

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