Haptic Chair by Trine Kjaer Design Studio

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If you look at the Haptic Chair and can’t resist the urge to reach out and touch it, then it’s done its job. Inspired by haptic, sensory-driven desires of being drawn to an object, the Haptic Chair was designed by Trine Kjaer Design Studio as a piece that would satisfy our human desire to investigate an object with our sense of touch and feeling tactile differences.


The Haptic Chair embodies tactile differences, mixing smooth oak wood with rough fabric for a sensory-driven experience.
The chair is made from oak wood and fabric, creating different sensations from the seat to the back to the armrests. It’s designed to stimulate hands with detailed craftsmanship, while the back and seat are rougher and have more tactile character. It’s got a slight rustic look to it, but will no doubt also work well among minimalist decor as well.


Source : Trine Kjaer Design Studio

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