Gesture by Steelcase

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As indispensable as we may find them, personal technology devices such as smart phones and tablets are undoubtedly having a damaging affect on our posture. In response to this, Steelcase have announced a new chair called Gesture, which is designed to provide complete support for today’s workforce.


Steelcases’s Gesture chair was designed and inspired entirely by how the human body works and moves with technology.
In a study of more than 2,000 people in 14 countries, Steelcase identified nine new postures caused entirely by the use of personal technology devices. The study concluded that today, people are physically uncomfortable at work, and companies are starting to feel the toll that new technologies and a mobile workplace are having on its workers.


Taking into account the needs of the individual user, the new Gesture chair is designed to support constant posture changes specifically influenced by technology use. Steelcase have called it ‘the new science of sitting’.


For example, the seat encourages motion rather than forcing the body to hold a particular pose. It draws workers closer to a work surface to avoid hunching over a screen, the arm rests are crafted to support a person texting and the back cradles a user while he/she reclines to scroll on a tablet screen, etc.


Source : Steelcase Inc

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