Create Space with Wieland’s Clever Smartrail and Functional Plyfold Stacking Chair

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Wieland’s Plyfold line of “durable, comfortable seating for patient rooms” has set the standard for ancillary seating in healthcare settings. The basic model is a simple, stackable, wooden folding chair, but it’s drawn industry-wide accolades for its durable construction, its wide-ranging functionality, and its attractive minimalist aesthetic.

Plyfold + Smartrail = Smart, Space-Saavy Healthcare Seating

The line offers various options to accommodate patient and visitor needs: a basic un-upholstered model or with comfortable, ergonomic contoured cushions that are easily removable for cleaning, repair, or replacement; hidden hinges to minimize the risk of pinching; a user-friendly anti-folding mechanism to prevent accidents; an optional moisture barrier for increased hygienic protection; and an extra-wide model for bariatric applications.

With the above features—so integrally tied to performance in healthcare settings—it’s difficult to imagine anything that could make Plyfold better suited for patient rooms. Unless, of course, one could make the chair magically disappear when it’s not needed, thus creating additional space.

Though Wieland hasn’t performed the above bit of prestidigitation, they have done the next best thing: their integrated Smartrail bracketing system enables easy, quick, convenient storage on any proximal wall. The lightweight storage system is easy to install and even easier to use, as it not only supports any Plyfold chair, it keeps it at hand for the next use—close by and ripe for the plucking.

Source : Wieland Healthcare

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