Coda Collection by Tuohy

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Tuohy’s campus and manufacturing facilities are located in southern Minnesota, amidst hardwood forests and river valleys where woodworking has a long history. Combining modern technology with an experienced staff of woodworkers, the company has released a new collection of finely made office furniture named Coda.

Part of the Private Office line, Coda includes subtly integrated storage and reconfigurable wall panels to suit the workings of a modern office

Coda anticipates trends in office design like wireless technology and increasingly paperless spaces with pieces that can adapt over time. Designed by Jess Sorel of SorelStudio, the collection includes complementary tables, storage, and wall-mounted panels that are reconfigurable to a range of needs. Clean-lined tables act as desks and vice-versa, creating a modern centerpiece for private office applications and small meeting areas.

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