Claus Desk by newly relaunched Produce Design Studio

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First established in 2001 by Marcel Madsen and two fellow RISD graduates, interdisciplinary studio Produce Design relaunched just a few weeks ago with Madsen as principal designer. Its first introduction, the Claus Desk, is a promising fresh start for the New York-based practice.


In addition to new furniture designs, Produce will continue to add residential and hospitality projects to its roster
Claus attempts to define a more comfortable aesthetic for contemporary work spaces with slender, high-gloss white powder-coated legs topped with a bleached white oak surface beneath which a drawer seems to float.


“I was trying to design a desk that was minimal in its design, meaning there is an economy of materials and visual simplicity,” says Madsen. “I also wanted to create a feeling of lightness within the form through the use of the materials and colors. The brass accent of the handle ties into the lightness of the colors, but also brings some warmth to all the shades of white.”

Source : Produce Design Studio

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