Classic Modular Bookshelf by Mogens Koch for Carl Hansen & Son

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If you’ve a yen—and who doesn’t—for quintessential Scandinavian craftsmanship and prototypically minimalist Modern design, than I invite you to look no further than 1928, the auspicious year of the creation of the classic Modular Shelving System by architect Mogens Koch.

Carl Hansen & Son Brings an Iconic Bookcase to the New Millennium
Who better than Carl Hansen & Son to (re)introduce this fantastically functional piece to a new generation of A&D aficionados? Known for their continued production of famed pieces by designer Hans J. Wegner, Carl Hansen & Son recently acquired furniture workshop Rud. Rasmussen.

Said acquisition means they’ve also acquired the rights to Koch’s shelf system: “An extensive array of boxes arranged vertically or horizontally, the shelves are made of solid wood in very thin dimensions with dovetail and rabbet joints to provide strength.”

The individual elements come in varied depths, widths, and heights, creating multiple options for customized configurations. The shelves are available in oak or ash, finished in soap, oil, or white oil. Other options include vertical and horizontal magazine dividers, and installation on plinths or wall-mounted.

Source : Mogens Koch for Carl Hansen & Son

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