Camp Daybed by Stephanie Hornig

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Having recently been relegated to a horrid hotel couch, I understand the beauty of a good daybed. When designed well, daybeds can accommodate guests with comfort and style—sometimes even with a touch of whimsy. UK-based designer Stephanie Hornig offers Camp Daybed as an antidote to the typical daybed fare. Unique and clever, Camp Daybed literally ensconces the user in its midst, while also recalling the warmth and safety of a childhood sleeping bag.


Camp Daybed Unzips to Welcome Sleepers
In its day state, Camp Daybed offers a mod and stylish sofa with playful accents such as X-shaped tufting and bold piping. The piping turns out to be a zipper, of course, which unleashes the daybed’s evening state—a sleeping niche with a nest-like atmosphere. Guests will undoubtedly feel at home in Camp Daybed, which offers as much nostalgia and childhood wonder as space and convenience.



Source : Stephanie Hornig

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