Bow Collection by Benjamin Hubert for De La Espada

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The solid ash frames and surfaces of Benjamin Hubert’s Bow collection for De La Espada are cleverly held in tension by rolled sheets of mild steel.

Consisting of a bench, table and trestle, the Bow collection has been designed by British designer Benjamin Hubert for Portuguese furniture brand De La Espada.

The Bow collection’s metal strata not only boast a great strength to weight ratio but they are also economical in terms of material usage. In the case of the design of the Bow bench, the metal stratum gives suspension to the user and some flex to the seat.

The integration between the steel and timber components are CNC cut, maintaining a fluid integration of the two materials and geometries. In order to reduce Bow’s carbon footprint, the designs can be disassembled into parts for cost effective shipping.

Source : De La Espada, Benjamin Hubert

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